Krul is a design that evolved from a technical research about using a tool. Annelien chose the heat gun because she had used one in the past, and found the possibilities of the tool fascinating. This tool can locally heat materials, and used it to experiment with solid bars of perspex. The perspex is used to join the legs of the table, which creates a strong but also beautiful result which is all about material properties and contrast. The plexiglass, once cooled down to room temperature, keeps the wooden legs of the stool in position.

Annelien has made a limited edition of fifteen pieces, and sold them to promote the Flying Cabinet Makers and to fund her one month trip to Nepal, where she helped the locals in making wooden school benches and tables.

The production of Krul is in preparation. Soon the first production copies are expected. You can show your interest via the link below. Registration does not commit you to anything.

Delivery time and prices are not known yet.

* Curl can be used as a stool and side table.